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Awkward Timing

Timing is everything....


One of the challenges of traveling for work is the timezone changes. It is very confusing for my brain and body. Mondays mornings are the worst - my body is on EST, my brain is on CST, and work starts on PST.

I try to maintain some order in this chaos. I leave my watch on CST, and my computer on PST. That way, I figure I'll know what time meetings are at work, and avoid further scoldings by friends for calling them at 3 am thinking it's only midnight. It's only happened a couple of times.....

Me: "Hey! How's it going? I'm at the midnight showing of HP7! Eeeeek."
EST Friend: "Oh hey....(yawn)....that's great...."
Me: "You don't sound excited! What kind of a HP fan are you!?!"
EST Friend: "The kind that has already gone to the midnight premiere and is ready to expelliarmus you for waking me up!"
Me: "Whaaaat? You already saw it?!?"
EST Friend: "Yes, genius, it's called three hours ahead on the East Coast. And as a spoiler for spoiling my sleep, Harry DIES!"
Me: "Noooooooooooooo!!!"

My genius plan of keeping different times on my watch and computer is clearly not helping.

It certainly didn't help me when I received an invite for a house warming party of a colleague on my laptop.

Hi everyone,

I finally got around to reserving my condo’s party room for a house warming party. The plan is to do some grilling and drinking. I will provide some grillables and beverages, but feel free to bring your own as well. Hope you all can make it!

Also, feel free to bring guests!

The invite said 2 pm to 10 pm.

I thought I'd pop in for a little bit and check out my colleague's place. Armed with Corona Extras, I decided to show up at 3pm, 'cause you don't want to show up too early to a party. Especially since I didn't know the host super well, I figured it would be easier when there's more people around and I can mingle with the crowd. Yep, my plan is foolproof. My timing is not.

I showed up at his door at 3:10 pm dressed in a v-neck tee, plaid shorts, and red shoes. I call this ensemble Fashionably Late.

I dialed the code for his apartment complex.

No answer.

I called him on his cell phone.

No answer.

I texted him.

No answer.

"Weird....," I thought to myself. "Maybe he can't hear his phone."

By now, I was starting to look stupid holding all that beer and standing by a door.

Luckily, an elderly couple living in the same condo came along, and I tailgated in. Now I got to look stupid holding all that beer but by the mailboxes instead.

Finally, my colleague texts me, asking me to come up to the 8th floor.

Me: "Hey! Happy house warming!"
Colleague: "Thanks!"
Me: "Am I the first one here?" as I looked around the empty condo.
Colleague: "Yep! I actually just got back from shopping for the party."
Me: "Oh really? I thought the party started an hour ago...."
Colleague: "Um, it's starts at 4pm."


Yep, you guessed it. My computer was on still on PST, but I was living in CST. So instead of showing up casually to the party one hour late, I showed up at the party one hour early.

Awkward x2.

"Well, I can help you set up for the party...." I mumbled awkwardly.
"Sure, I gotta go take a shower first, so just chill for a bit."

Awkward x3.

There wasn't much to set up so we spent the next hour making small talk.

Awkward x4.

I had planned to stay only a couple of hours, so by the time I had to leave the party, only one other person showed up.

Me: "Sorry, gotta go. Great party....."

Awkward x1039870739289382.

I really need to work on my timing!

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